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Best Practices Maintenance Benchmarks



Yearly Maintenance Cost:
    Total Maintenance Cost/Total Manufacturing Cost

< 10-15%

    Maintenance Cost/Replacement Asset Value of the Plant and Equipment

< 3%

Hourly Maintenance Workers as a % of Total


Planned Maintenance:
     Planned Maintenance/Total Maintenance

> 85%

    Planned & Scheduled Maintenance as a % of hours worked


Unplanned Down Time


Reactive Maintenance

< 15%

Run to Fail (Emergency + Non-Emergency)

< 10%

Maintenance Overtime:
     Maintenance Overtime/Total Company Overtime

< 5%

Monthly Maintenance Rework:
    Work Orders Reworked/Total Work Orders


Inventory Turns:
    Turns Ration of Spare Parts

> 2-3

    For at least 90% of workers, hours/year

> 80 hours/year

    Spending on Worker Training (% of payroll)


Safety Performance:
    OSHA Recordable Injuries per 200,000 labor hours

< 2



Monthly Maintenance Strategies:
Preventive Maintenance: Total Hours PM/Total Maintenance Hours Available ~20%
Predictive Maintenance: Total Hours PdM/Total Maintenance Hours Available ~50%
Planned Reactive Maintenance: Total Hours PRM/Total Maintenance Hours Available ~20%
Reactive Emergency: Total REM/Total Maintenance Hours Available ~2%
Reactive Non-Emergency: Total RNEM/Total Maintenance Hours Available ~8%
Plant Availability:
     Available Time/ Maximum Available Time > 97%
     Contractors Cost/Total Maintenance Cost 35-64%

This chart is reprinted from "Physical Asset Management Handbook" by John S. Mitchell published by Clarion Technical Publishers.  Permission reprint was granted from the publisher.  Click here to read Chapter 1 from this book.

This chart was originally developed by Kyoumars Bahrami in "A Maintenance Improvement Program Benchmarking" presented at MARCON (University of Tennessee College of Engineering).  Permission to use this form was also granted from the University of Tennessee.  Click here for more information about MARCON.




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